Basic Income

Basic Income: A Radical Proposal for a Free Society and a Sane Economy
Philippe Van Parijs & Yannick Vanderborght

Essentially a textbook written on the idea of Universal Basic Income, written by two scholars who’ve worked in related fields for their entire careers and published through Harvard University Press. Seeks to inform the public debate and rectify glaring errors in much of the popular discourse on the idea.

The granting of a basic income to everyone should therefore not be misunderstood as aiming to equalize outcomes or achievements. Rather, it aims to make less unequal, and distribute more fairly, real freedom, possibilities, and opportunities. Granting a basic income to all helps equalize what people are given – the material substratum of their real freedom…”

” ‘According to the new American Dream, we’ll each have the freedom to choose and create the life we want for ourselves and our loved ones, according to our deepest values, without every having to worry about our basic human needs for food, shelter, and security’ ” (Andy Stern)

“…its implementation would facilitate many other utopian changes. It would support the realization of many ideas, both individual and collective, both local and global, that increasingly find themselves crushed under the pressure of market-imposed competitiveness.”